Welcome to Coral Spa

By definition Coral reefs comes from sailors who have the ability to post on their tissue calcium dissolved in the sea and form rigid structures and features. This structure is chalky white and different colors are due to present a micro algae that live in clear waters and to develop and perform photosynthesis.
The therapeutic effects in a Spa health through water and should not only transparency but basically that science and art of our professionals know how to combine the best therapies and treatments: sauna, vitality pool, swimming upstream, whirlpool, Vichy shower, massage, jade stones, mud, dermatocosmiatria, medicine and cosmetic surgery.
Our goal is to take care of your health and try to guests / patients who visit us, to reach a state of complete physical, mental and social.

We find it in this luxurious retreat located at km 20 of Highway Riccheri, the Holiday Inn in Bs As Ezeiza Airport.

We invite and hope for them to share a pleasant experience, relaxation, comfort, unique and memorable.

Dr Alejandro Capellino
Plastic surgeon
Medical Director